*** NO YOGA 101 SUNDAY JUNE 19 ***

Welcome to Breathe Yoga! Where compassion meets play…

Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or just starting out, there is a space for you in this playful, non-competitive, compassionate space. Breathe is a friendly and dedicated studio tucked in Bloomfield Hills near Franklin and Square Lake Road.

Yoga brings the body, mind and spirit into balance and awareness.

Yoga can do many things for many people. We sleep better, walk taller and straighter, are able to overcome fears and bad habits, lose weight, and develop better focus & concentration. We gain a deeper sense of well being, while developing compassion and humility.

Learning to breathe properly while practicing postures opens up our bodies, creating space and lessening our emotional loads. It is a practice of acceptance and letting go. We leave with a peaceful body and mind. Through our individual practice we learn to become relaxed, balanced and better able to cope with our busy lives off the mat.